Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gallery now closed

Bad news. The gallery has closed down and there is no perspective of relocating and reopening in a new space. The original owners of the building have finally got their property back from the State... so the cheap rent space from the council is now gone and so is Streetwise. It was a short love affair but we are happy that we had 2 shows with 3 of the best artists that have ever been on the streets of Bucharest. We want to thank them and everyone that supported Streetwise. We're hoping that the streets will make up for the loss of this gallery space and that the street art movement will grow and will force us to reopen the gallery in a new space one day soon. Love to everyone,
Streetwise boy, girl and little boy - VKV

Friday, June 29, 2007

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Vama Veche wall

The wall you've already seen, from a different angle, just to get a better idea of its hugeness...
Thanks to Neon

Work in progress

Saddo doing his wall painting...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Saddo si Other la Streetwise

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28 iunie – 15 iulie 2007
vernisaj: 28 iunie, ora 20.00

Other spune ca este “un nomad nascut in Canada”, care face parte din marea familie a street art-ului mondial. A inceput sa faca graffiti in anii ’90, in contextul miscarii graffiti “hiphop” din America de Nord. Cu timpul si-a definit practica, desenand pe trenuri de marfa forme hibride de graffiti si “hobo art” - desene pe care calatorii si muncitorii le faceau pe trenuri inca din 1850. In timp ce lucrarile sale calatoresc pe sine din Canada pana in Mexic, artistul “merge din tara in tara si lasa mici parti din el in toata lumea - urme de aerosol, vopsea acrilica, markere si chiar creta… orice lasa urme…”

Saddo a terminat grafica la Facultatea de arte din Cluj insa numai dupa ce a terminat studiile a redescoperit “bucuria de a desena exact ce am eu chef ca si atunci cand eram copil, la Sovata si imi petreceam toata ziua desenand intr-un caiet”. Saddo deseneaza monstri, “monstri urati, cateodata monstri dragutzi si colorati, depinde”. Lui Saddo ii place mai mult decat orice sa deseneze – “mi-ar placea cel mai mult din lume sa pot sa desenez doar, sa nu mai fiu nevoit sa fac alte chestii. Si imi place sa desenez impreuna cu alti oameni”. A si facut-o cu mai multe ocazii impreuna cu colectivul The Playground din Cluj si in ultima vreme cu Other care pentru Saddo este “unul din artistii mei preferati, inca dinainte sa il cunosc”.

Program de vizitare:
sambata, duminica: 15-19
luni – vineri, cu programare la tel: 0723 240 434

Streetwise Gallery
Str Aurel Vlaicu nr 146,
colt cu Paul Greceanu
Langa statia de metrou Stefan cel Mare.
10 min pe jos din Piata Romana.
Cauta pe harta.


Marfarele lui Other

Other a desenat timp de 18 ani cateva sute de marfare. Uite o foarte mica selectie...

Mai multe imagini aici.

Other zice

"Other is a canadian born nomad…he is a descendant of the street art world…his work originated 18 years ago from the generic “hip-hop” graffiti scene of the 1990s in north america…and slowly found its place in the freight train yards of north america…becoming a hybrid of “graffiti” and an old form of “hobo art” which as been drawn on the sides of boxcars by transients and train workers since the mid 1850’s…while his biggest body of work travels the rails from canada all the way down to mexico…the artist himself wanders from country to country to leave little bits of himself scattered across the world a trail of aerosol …acrylic paint…oil sticks...even chalk…anything that will leave a mark…"

Saddo says

"Eu sunt Saddo. Imi place sa desenez monstri, cateodata desenez monstri urati, cateodata monstri dragutzi si colorati, depinde de mood. Am terminat faculta de arte, sectia grafica, dar asta nu stiu cat de important e pentru ceea ce desenez acum, adica probabil ca e, dar parca de cand am terminat faculta am redescoperit bucuria de a desena exact ce am eu chef. Ca si atunci cand eram copil mic, la Sovata sau asa ceva, si imi petreceam toata ziua desenand intr-un caiet, tot felu de monsters, fiecare cu tripu lui.
Si am descoperit de curand street art, nu prea am expus in galerii sau asa, nu prea m-a bagat nimeni in seama si am zis ca hai sa ma bag si io singur in seama, sa lipesc direct pe pereti. Si in general tot vreau sa calatoresc, sa desenez, mi-ar placea cel mai mult din lume sa pot sa desenez doar, sa nu mai fiu nevoit sa fac alte chestii.
Si imi place sa desenez impreuna cu alti oameni. Si imi place de o fata care deseneaza cel mai frumos. Si ma bucur tare tare ca am desenat cu ea si o sa mai desenam. Si ma bucur enorm ca desenez si expun impreuna cu Other. E unul din artistii mei preferati, inca dinainte sa il cunosc. Si cam atat cred."

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Work in progress

Other is already working the show.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New show comming up at the end of June.

We are happy to announce that the next exhibition at Streetwise will be by Other and Saddo. Details soon. The image above is taken from Other's flickr and it's a wall he did with Saddo last week in Vama Veche.

Monday, June 4, 2007


If you like street art then there are at least two events this week in Bucharest that you should not miss:

1. After last Saturday and Sunday's performances on Arthur Verona Street Paul Notzold will be making a presenation of his TXTual healing project on Wednesday at Streetwise.

2. Tristan Manco's lecture about "Street art in Galleries and on the street", on Sunday at Galeria Noua (part of the 2 cool 4 school events)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

TXTual healing at Streetwise

Invited by Florin Tamas to be a part of STOMPAN in Bistrita, Paul Notzold aka Textual Healing will also be in Bucharest.

He is going to be at Street Delivery 2-3 june and also he’s going to have a presentation at Streetwise on the 6 june.

Monday, May 28, 2007

gallery night at streetwise

The night of the galleries in Bucharest was a great success for everyone involved in the event. At Streetwise, Ciubi was drawing all night on the wall and around 300 people came to see it happen. With a little help from our friends Streetwise will be hosting two special events soon...

Friday, May 25, 2007


Saturday night during the gallery night, Ciubi will be drawing live at Streetwise on the gallery walls! More info about the gallery night here.

Sambata nopatea cu ocazia Noptii Albe a Galeriilor, Ciubi va desena la Streetwise direct pe peretii galeriei. Mai multe informatii despre noaptea galeriilor aici.

Streetwise Gallery
Str Aurel Vlaicu nr 146
Langa statia de metrou Stefan cel Mare.
10 min pe jos din Romana.
Colt cu Paul Greceanu.
Cauta pe harta.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pictures from an exhibition

These are fresh pictures from tonights opening of Cubi's exhibition which was a a total success! We are all very exited by the prospect of another really great night, the night of the galleries on Saturday 26th, where there will be a live drawing performance by the man himself, be there or be square! Unless of course you are a Square Cat and then you are already there!

Monday, May 21, 2007