Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Gallery now closed

Bad news. The gallery has closed down and there is no perspective of relocating and reopening in a new space. The original owners of the building have finally got their property back from the State... so the cheap rent space from the council is now gone and so is Streetwise. It was a short love affair but we are happy that we had 2 shows with 3 of the best artists that have ever been on the streets of Bucharest. We want to thank them and everyone that supported Streetwise. We're hoping that the streets will make up for the loss of this gallery space and that the street art movement will grow and will force us to reopen the gallery in a new space one day soon. Love to everyone,
Streetwise boy, girl and little boy - VKV

1 comment:

saddo said...

i'm sorry about the gallery.
it was so nice workin there.